Digital Signage

Centre Com Digital Signage solution is a cloud-based content management system (CMS) that provides you with the easiest way to control and monitor all your digital screens.

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Digital Signage may add value to your business through real-time communications across all assets, reducing labour cost, print wastage and more.

Features include customised screen layout, multiple screen playlist support, scheduled playlist, power saving option, user groups and advanced permissions system.

Primary industries: Hospitality, Retail & Banking.


The majority of people interviewed leaving a store remembered at least one digital campaign as a part of their experience.

In today’s world, Digital Marketing is viewed as a competitive necessity.

The simplest method of cross & up-selling.

Enhanced customer experience and impulse purchasing.

Add content to where it wasn’t before and minimise missed opportunities due to the lack of customer awareness.

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Real Time or Scheduled Content

Choose to deploy the content or screen playlists real time or forward schedule to a future date.

Play Content Offline

The required content will be downloaded to the media player and runs offline.

Screen Layouts

Pick from screen layout templates or design your own. This allows multiple streams of content to display simultaneously.

Advanced Permission System

Control access to the system by creating user groups resulting in permission based access.

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