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Analysis and mapping of network environment
Security assessment of potential risks and threats
Identification of cost-saving and efficiency improvements
Review of backup systems and disaster recovery plans
Remediation plans for key IT pain points

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IT Support & Services

Managed IT Services

Our managed IT Services are designed to reduce costs, improve efficiency and mitigate risks. We work closely with you to evaluate your current IT infrastructure and offer tailor-made solutions. Read More

Ad-Hoc Support

We offer a pay as you go service, for an estimated proposal based in a desired scope of works. Please contact our professional services division to discuss your business requirements.

Back up Monitoring & Testing

At Centre Com we understand that you company's data is invaluable and you should be able to access it at any given time. Unfortunately, many backups are neither very secure nor easily accessible. Read More



Are you in full control of your hosting services? Do you know when your domain is due for renewal? Who is in control of all your traffic and DNS records? If your web hosting company does not provide you the level of support you need or expect, then it's time to switch to Centre Com. Read More


Cloud computing is transforming the way businesses are run - especially small business, which typically have limited resources.

Cloud services can range from single applications such as emails to the entire IT infrastructure of a business. Read More


Data backup and recovery is one of the most important services a business needs.

Your business is completely dependent on your data, from client information to financial records. It is crucial that you are able to recover that data in case of an unanticipated issue such as theft, fire or a natural disaster. Read More


Virus protection keeps your systems, applications and data safe from viruses, malicious software, including Trojans, spyware, worms, adware, ransomware and other malware threats.

With the right antivirus solution you can reduce valuable time lost working on affected systems and data recovery efforts. Read More

Email Hosting

A complete e-mail service is critical for your business to function smoothly.

At Centre Com, our hosted e-mail solutions deliver the best of Microsoft or other mail clients without the expenses that come along with purchasing, running, and managing the hardware. Read More

Email Signature Solutions

We offer complete Outlook, Office 365 and Exchange email signature management solutions.

Our services help businesses manage email signatures including disclaimers, employee details, social media links, branding and promotional content. Read More


With more and more business processes dependent on information technology and the constantly evolving nature of the the medium, security threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Centre Com's business-grade security solutions will keep your business protected from the latest threats. Read More


Centre Com's state of the art infrastructure can help monitor your network infrastructure remotely. Our systems also allow us to keep a close watch on your networking equipment. We know exactly when it's time for an upgrade and can swiftly react to unexpected issues and outages. Read More


In order to provide a complete IT end to end solution, it is critical to have a reliable internet services. Centre Com is partnered with TPG internet, offering the most competitive internet solutions in Australia. Read More


Centre Com has a focused and certified team to design, integrate and maintain a wide range of surveillance security products and solutions. We stand above the competition with our highly innovative, reliable and cost effective solutions supporting various business verticals. Read More

Digital Signage

Centre Com Digital Signage solution is a cloud based content management system (CMS) that provides you the easiest way to control and monitor all your digital screens. Read More

Why Choose Centre Com?

Centre Com is a 100% Australian Owned and Operated Company that is committed to providing corporate & education a complete end to end solution, backed by outstanding services.

Our Education & Training Division is a part of the Victoria Department of Education & Early Childhood Development (DEECD) accredited re-seller and is on the DEECD panel of Specialist technicians (TSSP). We are a proud partner and sponsor of the Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (DLTV).

  • leading ICT vendor in Victoria
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Greg Bowen
Education Consultant

Greg is a former school principal who has been working in ICT throughout his 42 years career. He's able to work with your school to improve all aspects of your ICT program.

Tim Drewry
Professional Service Specialist

Tim has over 10 years’ experience in corporate sales & account management and 5 years in implementing managed service solutions.

Truman Zhang
Enterprise Manager

Truman has over 10 years’ experience in various capacities with major IT companies and system integrators in North America and Asia Pacific.

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